The New Philippines’ President Is Worse Than Donald Trump

The newly elected Philippines president is a controversial figure, and with a large number of supporters, Duterte’s been called the “Trump of the East.”

The Philippines just elected its new president, the 71-year-old Rodrigo Duterte, on May 9. Duterte rode to victory on a string of outrageous statements on everything from shooting criminals to his own daughter's rape.

Duterte, who promises to eradicate crime and corruption from the country. is an avid gun collector. He also takes pride in the fact that he has killed three “criminals” as they were exiting their victims’ homes, and that he was not scared at all when he shot the men.

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However, his recent sexist comments about an Australian rape victim, saying that “she was so beautiful” and that the “mayor should have been first” brought him into the spotlight. This is just one instance where his words have proved to be condemnable.

“I don’t have any money to give, but I could give your wives something else. And this is for the wives only. Men, I’m sorry you do not get anything because I’m not a queer,” said Duterte at a mass Filipino wedding.

Duterte is also notorious for publicly kissing women and claiming they come to him with “pouted lips” and that kissing females is his “way to impress them, minus the sexual undertones.”

Only time will tell what kind of a president he turns out to be but for now, he has been dubbed as "Trump of the East."

Check out some of his outrageous remarks about murder, women and guns in the video above.

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