The Picture Of A Beaten-Up Trump Supporter Is Not What You Think

Trump and his supporters are known for inciting animosity, but this new tactic to inspire hate toward liberals is downright pathetic.

A gory photo of a bloody Trump supporter who was allegedly brutally assaulted by Democrat supporters has been making rounds on the internet.



The picture shows a woman with blood running down her face from nasty cuts above her forehead, scratches on her neck and chest and blood forming in one of her eyes. The caption claimed the woman sustained the horrific injuries at the hands of “peaceful and tolerant liberals.”

However, the image turned out to be a hoax.

The picture is actually of an Australian actress, Samara Weaving, in full make up for her role in a zombie apocalypse TV series, “Ash vs. Evil Dead,” according to the cult movie actor, Bruce Campbell.



The mastermind behind the hoax has tried his level best to pull the image off as a real one and to stir controversy, as evidenced by this Facebook post:



The shot was initially posted by Weaving and her makeup artist Hannah Wilson on their social media accounts earlier this year when she was filming the "Evil Dead" spin-off. As the picture began going viral, Weaving expressed her dismay at the blatant lies.




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However, Bernie Sanders’ supporters have found the hoax to be hilarious and have, inevitably, come up with their own rejoinders.






The thin attempt at deception came soon after some Trump supporters were truly attacked at a rally in San Jose, California.

Although several much less gruesome pictures of attacked Trump supporters have been circulating online, Weaving’s image is not one of them.

In fact, this is not the first time Trump fans have tried to escalate the animosity between the parties by posting hoaxes.

Another picture of a savagely beaten teenager was revealed by the myth buster site, Snopes, to be a hoax as well.

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