Pastors Pray For Trump Because He Will Certainly Need It

A photo was shared by a former senior vice president at Liberty University, and it showed leaders laying their hands on the president as they prayed.

An image of President Donald Trump bowing in prayer as evangelical leaders laid their hands on him went viral online, drawing a great deal of criticism from countless Twitter users.

The photo was uploaded online by Johnnie Moore, a former senior vice president at Liberty University who does media relations for pastors and ministries, CNN reports.

The group was invited to the White House over a week ago. Invitees included former Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann; Florida megachurch pastor Paula White; and Southern Baptist pastors Jack Graham, Ronnie Floyd, and Robert Jeffress, among others. Many were part of the faith advisory team during Trump's campaign.

While the leaders present didn't discuss what they were praying for at the time the now famous photo was snapped, pastors told The Washington Post that issues such as religious freedom, health care, criminal justice reform, pending judicial nominees, and support for Israel were all discussed during their meeting.

Online, many people used the image to criticize Trump by bringing religion into the White House, claiming this was a nod to theocracy, while others criticized everyone taking part in the meeting for praying in public.

Others were just plain shocked religious figures would use their phones while in prayer.

Some responses were also pretty funny, while others reminded their followers of Trump's past comments regarding women.

While among Christians in America Trump seems to have a good following, The Washington Post reports, it looks like the president will need a little more than prayer to get the non-religious folks onboard with his agenda.

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