Man Whips His Hair Back And Forth In Parody Photo

A South Carolina photographer was trying out his new professional camera equipment when his friend did a hilarious hair flip in the photo.

This professional photographer took hair flipping photos to a whole new level.

Matt Sprouse, a portraits and commercial work photographer, was testing out his pristine waterproof camera equipment at Lake Greenwood when his friend, Dusty Morrow, did an epic hair flip in a shot, according to Fox Carolina.

“We were out taking some photos on the water and he managed to splash the water up around him,” Sprouse said. “It looked pretty cool so I started trying to elaborate on that. That’s when he flipped his head back and I managed to capture this shot.”

Photographer Asks Model To Do Hair Flip In Water

The hilarious hair flip image quickly went viral after PetaPixel, a popular website for photography and camera news, caught wind of the photo.

“I was joking around saying this photo was going to go viral. I had no idea how true that was,” Sprouse said.

Since the photo gained a lot of popularity already among readers, the South Carolina-based photographer may have more hair flipping photos to add to his portfolio. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Luke Gordon, Flickr/Creative Commons

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