Photos Of Aborted Fetuses Show Up Inside Diaper Boxes In Philadelphia

A group of radical anti-abortion activists appears to be targeting parents (that's right) with its new stunt. Are they trying to actually lose supporters?

Anti-abortion demonstrator holding an anti-abortion sign.

Anti-abortion activists may have gone a tad too far when they decided to target parents with their latest action. 

NBC Philadelphia first reported that a local Wegmans retailer has opened a probe into how photos of aborted fetuses ended up in packages of diapers.

Annie Fuhrman Weiss, a customer, noticed the flier when she purchased a box of Luvs diapers on Sunday. Upon opening the box, she found a card that read, “God hates the hands that shed innocent blood.” On the other side, there was an image of an aborted fetus.

“I don’t think Luvs put this in their boxes,” Weiss told reporters. “I think it was some psycho, crazy, anti-abortion person who slipped it into these open handles here.”

Considering that the cards also feature the URL to the Abolish Human Abortion website, a group that believes that the fight against abortion is this era's fight against slavery, the young mother's theory seems accurate.

Another customer found the same card inside a box of iced tea at the same location, so when Wegmans was notified of these incidents, its staff started to investigate. They found 10 other cards showing the same image in other products. Unfortunately, they are still unaware of how the fliers made their way into the boxes.

According to a Wegmans spokesperson, no other retailers from the same chain have reported similar incidents.

The members of the radical anti-abortion organization behind this stunt describe themselves as “abolitionists” instead of “pro-lifers.”

The group has long been known as the most aggressive wing of the pro-life movement, using arresting images of bloodied fetuses to make a point. In the past, they took their fight to high schools, using graphic material to shock teenagers.

In the end, all they want is to make a cheap political point by horrifying people. And now, it seems they believe that targeting parents (you know, the people who kept their babies) is a good strategy.

It seems as if this group can’t fathom the idea of engaging in an honest and civilized debate about women's health. Instead, they simply use whatever they can to shock people into fearing abortion. 

It’s precisely because of their lack of tact that they will continue to be treated as a marginal group at best, and as a radical and potentially dangerous group sharing nothing but hatred at worst.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

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