Distressing Images Of Gagged And Tied Up Baby Girl Go Viral

Photos of a crying child gagged and tied up have attracted the attention of authorities, but the mother and babysitter are calling it a “game between friends.”

Authorities in Torreon, Coahuila in Mexico, removed a baby girl from her mother and babysitter, placing her under the care of state, after distressing images of the child surfaced online.

The images that are widely circulating on the internet show the 9-month-old wearing a purple Bambi T-shirt crying and screwing up her face in pain, as her hands are tied up.

Alexa Contreras Mendez, who published the images online, launched a formal complaint regarding the incident and called for authorities to take some kind of action.

Apparently, the photos were clicked by a woman who is friends with the child’s mother.

She was left in charge of the baby while her friend was at work. With the help of the pictures posted on Facebook, prosecutors were able to track her down.

“We started an investigation to find the place where the girl lives and we rescued her in order to ensure her integrity and restore her right to live without violence,” said Yezka Garza, head of the Prosecution for Children and Family.

When the mother and her friend were questioned about the negligence toward the child, they called it a “game between friends.”

However, since the baby could not be trusted with the two women for the time being, authorities took the child into their custody.

Numerous cases of child neglect come to the forefront every other day. A recent video captured by a woman in Mexico showed a mother drag her disabled daughter down a dirty road, grabbing her by the hair. Apparently, the teenager didn’t want to leave the social services center where she receives therapy, so the mother hauled her out herself.

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