Traveling Pianist Brings Song Of Peace To Dallas Police Memorial

German pianist Davide Martello, also known as Klavierkunst, left people teary-eyed with the instrumental rendition of “Imagine.”


A globetrotting musician, traveling with a grand piano attached to his bike, rolled up at the memorial outside the Dallas Police headquarters in Texas to play a heartwarming rendition of John Lennon’s famous “Imagine.”

The witnesses, many of who described the scene as “surreal,” said they were surprised to see a cyclist make a sudden stop at the site. Apparently, the man did not talk or communicate with anyone as he played the instrumental version of the popular song before gathering his bearings and riding off.

The mystery musician was later identified as German pianist Davide Martello, who gained popularity last year after a similar performance in front of Bataclan theater in Paris following November 2015’s tragic attacks.


As it turns out Martello, also known as Klavierkunst, posted a message on Twitter earlier in the day, informing his followers of his latest stop.


The pianist first made headlines after he performed in Istanbul's Gezi Park following heavy police clashes in 2013. He is on a global mission to play “in every capital of the world.”

Five officers lost their lives while seven were wounded at a Saturday Dallas protest over police shootings; two civilians were also injured. Law enforcement officers deployed a robot to kill the gunman, identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, with a bomb-carrying robot after cornering him in a parking lot, ending an hours-long standoff.

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