Piers Morgan Can’t Understand How A Pretty Girl Could Kill Someone

Piers Morgan travels to a high-security prison to meet and talk with a cold-blooded murderer who, apparently, surpassed his wildest imagination.

When people talk of ruthless murderers, most people imagine a Hollywood-esque figure, a person with an emotionless face with hollow eyes. But that’s ever hardly true in real life, and certainly not in this particular case.

Television personality and journalist Piers Morgan, inspired by the documentary “Making a Murderer,” traveled to a high-security prison in Texas to interview inmates for his show “Killer Woman.”

But what he saw and heard there was as far from the stereotypical imaginations of murderers than he could have imagined.

Morgan met Erin Caffey, whom he affectionately described as “a pretty, sweet, smiley, 4-foot, 11-inch, God- fearing young lady with a voice like an angel.”

Caffey is currently serving 42 years for killing almost her entire family.

The now 24-year-old woman was just 16 when she masterminded the murder of her mother and brothers and attempted murder of her father, for disapproving of the boy she was dating. Investigations revealed Caffey was very vocal of wanting her parents dead — something that was at first believed to be the harmless, typical woes of an emotional teenager — and had convinced her 19-year-old boyfriend to kill her family so they could be together again.

“I can’t picture you as somebody that would want their family annihilated,” said Piers to Caffey in the first episode of this two-part show, which he hopes will reveal what drives women to commit heinous crimes. “As I sit just 2 feet away from her, it’s almost impossible to understand how this tiny, beguiling woman could be capable of such pure evil.”



Coming from Morgan, it’s not surprising why he thinks Caffey, who is white, could commit such a heinous act. The journalist himself has received a lot of backlash from the minority community over his disdain for black activism.

But his comments do bring up questions about perceptions based on appearances. Is a person who has a pretty face incapable of committing crime? In this day and age, it’s mind-boggling to see how people still judge others based on their outlook and excuse them, even sympathize with them, for heinous crimes like matricide and fratricide.

However, Caffey’s therapist, Israel Lewis, is not fooled.

“I’ve never come across anyone as dangerous as Erin — and I hope I never do again,” Lewis said. “She was the best liar I’ve encountered in my career.”

A lot of people online agree with Lewis:






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