Pierson Tried Twisting Clinton’s Words, CNN Host Shut Her Down

CNN’s Jake Tapper decided enough was enough and interrupted Katrina Pierson’s rant to refute one of her false accusations against Hillary Clinton.


CNN’s Jake Tapper and Donald Trump’s spokeswoman Katrina Pierson had a bit of a heated exchange Wednesday morning.

Pierson has become infamous for sticking her foot in her mouth while trying to defend her boss during interviews.

She has publicly “diagnosed” Hillary Clinton with brain damage, epically failed at trying to explain Trump’s immigration flip-flop, and blamed Clinton and President Barack Obama for the death of Capt. Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq back in 2004 — during the George W. Bush administration.

Those are just some of the antics that have made her the laughing stock of Trump’s campaign staff. Pierson was up to her old tricks on Wednesday while discussing GOP vice presidential candidate Mike Pence’s refusal to call David Duke and the KKK deplorable.

The word “deplorable” was first used in this context by Clinton, who described more than half of Trump’s supporters as such. Pierson tried to twist Clinton’s words by claiming she used it to describe those who don’t want “ISIS in their communities.”

“When someone who simply wants to secure the border is somehow a racist or a bigot. When someone wants to control our illegal immigration are labeled racists and bigots. People who want to stop ISIS from coming into their communities are called ‘Islamophobic.’ These are hardworking American citizens … To insult them is absolutely absurd,” Pierson argued.

Tapper, however, didn’t let her get away with that nonsense. “Katrina … no one has called people who don’t want ISIS to move into their neighborhood ‘Islamophobic.’ That has never happened in the history of the world,” he retorted.

Despite being called out for her blatant lie, Pierson defended her inaccurate assessment; “That is absolutely what they are talking about,” she said.

Pierson just simply cannot be taken seriously. It’s as if she doesn’t even bother preparing for interviews before flying off the handle with false facts and wild accusations. 

Pierson has consistently taken bad situations and made them worse — as if the Trump campaign really needs anymore help looking foolish. 

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