Pilot Kicks Out Passenger For Calling Flight Attendant ‘Black B****’

The flight attendant only wanted to help the passenger. Instead, she got this: “I don’t need your help. The last thing I need is a black b**** of an air hostess.”


A Tunisair pilot kicked out a racist woman from the airplane after she insulted a black flight attendant, according to Al Araby. The attendant has described the entire incident in a Facebook post that has been lauded by the netizens.

Ghoufrane Binous, a flight attendant for Tunisair was working on flight 215 to Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, from Istanbul, Turkey, when two women started arguing aboard the flight. The women were fighting over who would store their baggage in the overhead compartment and when Binous tried to intervene, she was verbally attacked by one of them.

Instead of thanking the flight attendant for her help, one of the women screamed, “I don’t need your help. The last thing I need is a black b**** of an air hostess.”

Binous started to cry after she heard the unwarranted racial slur. That’s when the pilot, Mounir Ajlani, interjected.

He confronted the woman and immediately ordered the racist passenger off the plane. What’s more, all of Binous fellow crew members as well as the other passengers showed their support.

“My colleagues came spontaneously to express their solidarity, as well as other passengers,” Binous said. “The Commander, was informed of what had happened, and immediately demanded that this passenger descend from the plane.”

In her Facebook post, the grateful flight attendant expressed her gratitude towards all the people who rescued her from the racist woman’s horrible rant.

“So I wanted to thank the commander Mr. Ajlani Mounir our cabin chief Kammoun Wacef, co-pilot Zied Yaich and all my colleagues from the crew Mohamed Sahbi Brahm, Aya Hamdi, Hedi Belkadhi, Mehdi Allegui, Mehdi Ranéen and the passengers, who represent Tunisia I love,” she wrote.

About 15 percent of Tunisia’ s 10.8 million people identify as black, according to Al-Jazeera. Many black Tunisians have been the target of racial discrimination and claim people use racial slurs to address them, despite the fact Tunisia was the first Arab country to ban slavery in 1846.

Last week, Binous had a meeting with a parliament’s right committee to discuss the racist incident. The lawmakers have vowed to take legal action against the passenger and contacted the head of the Tunisair with regards to the incident.

In 2017, Tunisia’s parliament unanimously voted in favor of a bill that would criminalize discrimination, particularly racism. Those who are charged with racial discrimination may face up to three years in prison.

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