Bizarre Moment Pilot Shows Passengers Seagull Remains In A Plastic Bag

A Thomson Airways flight had to make an emergency landing at London Gatwick airport after a seagull flew into the engine of the aircraft.

A Thomson Airways flight, TOM6248, took off from Bournemouth airport in the United Kingdom and was all set to make its way to Tenerife, an Island in Spain, when it had to make an emergency landing at the London Gatwick Airport.

A seagull had apparently flown  through the engine of the aircraft during takeoff.

Needless to say, the bird didn’t make it out alive, as it got crushed between the blades.

While such incidents leading to emergency landings are fairly common, what followed in this particular case was a little, well, unusual.

Following the emergency landing, perplexed British tourists were greeted by the pilot who presented them with the seagull’s remains… in a plastic bag.

“There was a thud on takeoff from the left engine and heavy vibrations it was obvious something had happened,” passenger Erick Jackson told BBC.




"Everybody was pretty calm. People were more worried when we landed at Gatwick because it was a full-on emergency landing — they chased us down the runway with 12 fire engines so that was a little bit nerve-wracking,” Jackson added. "The pilot came on with the remnants of the bird and showed it to us. There wasn't an awful lot left of it. It had shattered three of the blades so the engine was irreparable.”

Passengers were shifted to another plane and offered £10 in compensation.

An airline spokesperson apologized for the delay caused to passengers but assured them that their safety was the top most priority.  

The replacement flight later took off from Gatwick Airport and arrived at its destination safely.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Creative Commons, Ken Fielding

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