The Owner Of A Popular Houston Taco Truck Is Facing Deportation

The owner of two popular taco trucks in Houston has been detained and awaits deportation at a Houston detention center, thanks to President Trump’s stance on immigrants.

President Donald Trump’s latest crackdown on undocumented immigrants is impacting many families and thousands of lives.

The latest victim of the POTUS’ anti-immigrant stance is Piro Garcia, the owner of two extremely popular taco trucks in Houston.

Garcia came to the U.S. in 1994, after fleeing Guatemala following the civil war. He ended up in Houston and soon got employed as a cook at a restaurant, after which he kicked off his own taco business and gained popularity in the community.

However, a few weeks ago things took an unusual turn when agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) turned up at one of his trucks, handcuffed him and took him away to a detention center in Houston.

The man, who locals describe as a “good” and “hard-working” guy, now awaits deportation, for no apparent reason, according to reports. Houstonians are curious to know why he is being made to leave the country, when he is not a gang member, criminal or drug dealer.

It is important to note that although Garcia has previously been charged for misdemeanor assault, trespassing and a fake vehicle-inspection sticker, this is the first time he has been detained.

His friend has started off a GoFundMe page to collect donations in order to pay off his legal fees. In the meantime, Garcia’s wife Rosie, who is running the taco trucks, is finding it extremely difficult to manage everything alone.

"He's my right hand. He washed the trucks every day. He bought the meat and the vegetables. It takes two people to run these trucks. I don't know how I'll do it alone,” she said.

"There's plenty of illegal immigrants here that are breaking the law, selling drugs, prostitution. That's who they should go after, not the hard-working people that are trying to make a living honestly. He was a good guy, he always helped people. He had a good family. Everybody loves his tacos,” said Paul Eberson, an Army veteran who works near one of Piro's food trucks.

President Trump had earlier vowed to deport immigrants who were convicted criminals or a threat to American safety and the national interest. Unfortunately, news from around the country proves that ICE is clamping down on anyone and everyone who crosses their path.

Communities and the undocumented immigrants themselves are shocked that people living in the U.S. for decades, previously protected under Obama’s DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program are being forced out of the country.

However, being given a free hand on deportation, ICE is deporting people without any apparent reason, and there is no one to stop them or protect these millions of vulnerable immigrants.  

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters

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