Cops Caught On Tape Roughing Up Domino's Manager Over Missing Pizza

Surveillance and cellphone footage make this a clear case of police abuse. But it remains unclear why the officers got so infuriated over lost pizza.



After not receiving a pizza they expected, two police officers in Jersey City, New Jersey, showed up to a local Domino's Pizza with an ax to grind. 

HuffPost reports that officers Rodney Clark and Courtney Solomon barged into the Domino's, asked to see the manager, Mena Kirolos, and finally roughed up Krilos, shoving him against a wall and making physical threats.

The incident was caught on surveillance tape, and the officers have been suspended without pay and charged with disorderly conduct, harassment, and making terroristic threats.

Reportedly, the whole episode began when one of the accused officers made an online complaint about not receiving the pizza in question. Shortly after, one of the officers called the Domino's to further gripe about the missing Italian cuisine.

Another short time later, the officers arrived at the pizza chain restaurant, asking for the manager.

Many employees caught footage of the incident, showing one officer grabbing Kirolos while the other tried to defuse the situation by taking it outside. 

It's unclear what could have infuriated these two cops to the degree that a missing pizza would inspire such an episode. For his part, Kirolos was remarkably restrained, given the macho aggression he found himself the victim of.

Although he certainly pushed back on the officers verbally — declaring "Don't touch me" in captured cellphone video — he was wise to not retaliate physically.

Whatever the unjustified nature of an encounter with police, it is best, as a matter of personal safety, to resist the temptation to physically confront the officer, and instead pursue legal action against the officers with a lawyer involved later.

That said, Kirolos may not be blameless here. Unless these two officers were truly vindictive — or absurdly hungry for pizza — it seems likely that they must have received some unfavorable words from Kirolos or other employees at the restaurant before they decided to show up with their nostrils flaring. 

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