Racist Pizzeria Owner, Once Slammed For Blackface, Dons Brownface

“If I was going to make fun of Mexicans, would I call myself Billy Burrito? Billy’s not a Mexican name,” the pizzeria owner said in defending himself.


A pizzeria owner in Boise, Idaho, was caught in a racist promotion for his restaurant's menu for the second time.

Brad Breakell, the owner for Pizzalchik, who keeps promoting his restaurant dressed as different characters, assumed a stereotypical Mexican persona to promote his new burrito menu.

It was offensive, needless to say.

Breakell named himself as “Billy Burrito,” in a video with brown paint over his face, wearing a sombrero, while using a cringe-worthy fake Spanish accent.

Yes, it was as terrible as it sounds.

However, this promotion shouldn't totally shock us as the pizzeria owner has come under fire for his racist views before. Just last year, he posted a racist and tasteless advertisement on social media with blackface.

In the video Breakell had painted his face black, claiming he was playing the character “Jacklyn Jaws” — apparently, an attempt to profit through a local shark exhibition at a museum.

The costume consisted of a cardboard shark body with a cutaway which he filled with his face. But when Breakell painted his face black to blend in with the mouth and his lips bright red for contrast, he looked less like a shark’s mouth and more like a guy in blackface.

Though viewers were quick to point out he called himself “Chocolate John” instead of Jacklyn Jaws in the video.

He denied he was racist then and he is once again denying it now, despite blatantly stereotyping Mexicans to promote his menu.

In his latest video, Breakell reads his menu before giving a shutout to Magy from Lenny the landscaper, another one of Breakell’s characters that has drawn accusations of racist stereotyping Latinos.

The video in question was first shared by the pizzeria owner on Christmas, however after receiving backlash he took it down. But that awful clip was the clip was saved by Aaron McFarland, who recently posted it on his own Facebook page.

However, Breakell still defends himself.

“If you look at my body of videos, there’s nothing offensive,” he said. “If I was going to make fun of Mexicans, would I call myself Billy Burrito? Billy’s not a Mexican name.”

Soon, Breakell apologized on Facebook, but when HuffPost reached out to him, he was even more rebellious while defending his racism.

“This is a menu for selling burritos and Billy Burrito is an acting part,” he told HuffPost. “It’s not racist. It’s a character so I’m not being racist.”

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Pixabay, JuergenPM

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