Plane Bursts Into Flames Mid-Air, Lands On A Couple's House

Skydivers jumped for their lives as the fiery plane crashed into a small house in Gilbert, Arizona, with a loud explosion.


A single engine aircraft carrying a group of skydivers exploded mid-air before crashing into a couple’s house in Glibert, Arizona.

Fortunately, the residents of the house escaped without injuries as the fiery plane hit the back of their home, causing serious structural damage to the dwelling.

Eyewitness reports described the plane as a “fireball” crashing from the sky.

Large columns of smoke were seen rising to the sky after the plane hit the ground. Footage of the incident was captured by local young people in the area, who were understandably very freaked out by the dangerous incident.

The pilot told investigators that he saw flames on the plane’s wings prior to losing control of the aircraft. 

The pilot, who was on the way to the annual Constitution Fair at the nearby Gilbert Civic Center, managed to eject from the doomed aircraft and parachute safely down out of harm’s way.

He reportedly suffered burns and was hospitalized.

All the other skydivers were accounted for.


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