Plane Missed The Runway, Crashed Into A Highway Road

A cargo plane was attempting to land flawlessly on an airport runway when it accidentally shifted and hit a road in Italy.

An airplane came to an unexpected stop at a highway road when the pilot attempted to land the plane on the runway but instead hit a nearby highway.

The Boeing 737-400F cargo plane went past a runway at Bergamo’s Serio International Airport in Italy this week and hit the barriers of a highway road instead, Mashable reported.

The plane originally came from the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris before eventually landing in the Italian international airport.

No vehicles were driving on the road during the crash and the pilot and co-pilot were not injured, according to ABC News.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms were occurring during the incident and is an alleged cause to the plane crash.

The Emirates Airlines Boeing 777-300 plane landing in Dubai also crashed this week, killing only one person of the 300 passengers.

Unexpected plane crashes make many of us question our safety with pilots driving aircrafts, and we may think twice about riding in a plane ever again. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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