'Planet Earth II' Interferes In Nature To Rescue Baby Turtles

The "Planet Earth II" series finale included an extremely emotional scene showing how city lights disorient baby turtles, leading them to certain death.

"Planet Earth 2"’s final episode, titled "Cities," touched the heart strings of many viewers, particularly the last scene of the documentary that showed the tragic fate of baby turtles because of manmade city lights.  

Baby Turtles

Generally when turtles hatch, they are guided by the light on the horizon to the sea, but the program shows baby turtles that hatched in Barbados mistook bright lights of the building for moon light. As a result, they crawled in the wrong direction, away from the sea and toward a certain death.

Baby Turtles

According to narrator, David Attenborough, four in every five hawksbill babies failed to make it through their first night after becoming disoriented, falling down drains and being crushed by cars.

Fans were upset with the brutal realities highlighted in the documentary.







They were naturally concerned about the poor baby turtles used in the documentary.  


However, they were relieved soon after a BBC spokesperson responded to the fans on Twitter assuring all the turtles were safe.


An anxious Twitter user, who wanted to know what will happen to the baby animals next, inquiring if any local groups are monitoring the situation.  

The BBC responded with a video of the Hawksbill turtle rescue.

The three-minute video showed how the Barbados Sea Turtle project works effortlessly to address this growing problem in order to save the lives of the creatures and how the locals help them in the process.

Baby Turtles

David Attenborough’s documentary highlighting man-made impact on the animal kingdom garnered more views than the "X Factor."

Baby Turtles

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