UK PM-To-Be Theresa May Told Illegal Immigrants To 'Go Home'

Britain's new Tory leader Theresa May has had her share of embarrassments while in the Home Office, most notably these vehemently xenophobic "Go Home" vans.

While the United Kingdom’s Interior Minister Theresa May is set to replace David Cameron as Prime Minister on Wednesday evening, critics are rapidly pointing out some of the not-so-popular immigration agendas that May has supported over the years.

The new Conservative leader had overseen a 2013 campaign to remove undocumented immigrants and failed asylum seekers which immediately received criticism as not only unwelcoming, but neo-fascist.

Among May’s most well-known embarrassing moments as Home Secretary was the deployment of “Go Home” vans which offered the crass ultimatum to “go home or face arrest” to undocumented migrants.

The widely criticized “Go Home” vans were hugely unsuccessful, resulting in just 11 people leaving the country, according to a report. They also became the target of trolls who dialed the hotline just for fun, as Pukkah Punjabi chronicled in The Guardian.

The removal of illegal immigrants has been among May’s top priorities while in the Home Office, and she even spoke to the European Union in Luxembourg last year about the need to “crack down” on illegal immigration. She campaigned for legislation which would expedite the extradition of failed asylum seekers, which was in stark contrast to German Prime Minister Angela Merkel’s more open outlook towards welcoming refugees to the EU

Moreover, the next prime minister is also backing the deportation of EU citizens from the UK, as she newly helms the Brexit strategy.


Photo credit: Twitter, @liamyoung

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