‘Pokemon Go’ Gamers Are Banned From Locations For A Suitable Reason

"Pokemon Go" players have become so entranced in the game that they blatantly rush to Pokestops at inappropriate places, causing them to be banned.

"Pokemon Go" players seem to be shamelessly catching the digital creatures in inappropriate and unexpected places, leading certain businesses to ban the gamers from playing there.

This week, the Arlington National Cemetery has banned gamers from collecting creatures at their location, Entrepreneur reported.

“We do not consider playing "Pokemon Go" to be appropriate decorum on the grounds of ANC. We ask all visitors to refrain from such activity,” the Arlington Cemetery said on Twitter.

The Holocaust Museum has also recently banned Pokemon users from playing the game there as well.

It’s admirable that these locations have chosen to restrict admission to these brainwashed gamers and they made the right decision.

Cemeteries and a museum dedicated to Holocaust survivors should be a place where people can pay their respects to others, not a trendy location for millennials to inappropriately whip out their cell phones and start playing the game.

While some Pokestop locations are banning access to "Pokemon Go" users, other businesses are profiting off of the latest gaming app.

L’inizio Pizza Bar in Queens, New York is one of the many Pokestops, and sales have risen to 30 percent at the location, leaving the business owner satisfied, according to Next Shark.

pokemon go

Some businesses are even advertising themselves specifically to "Pokemon Go" gamers.

Smoketown Helicopters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is now offering Pokemon Tours to help the players catch the digital creatures in the air. 

The overall "Pokemon Go" phenomenon is foolish and all businesses need to realize is that most of the gamers are more fixated on their game then on being a customer at their location. 

Banner Image Credit: Pokemon Go, Facebook

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