Teacher Quits Her Day Job To Become A Full Time 'Pokemon Go' Player

A teacher in the United Kingdom recently quit her job to play ‘Pokemon Go’ full time and hopes to make a lot of money on the popular game.

The “Pokemon Go” app has quickly become a global sensation, and one savvy player is looking to financially profit from it.

Sophia Pedraza, 26, quit her job as a teacher to become a full-time “Pokemon Go” gamer and plans to sell her multiple accounts on eBay, Metro reported.

The clever woman activated numerous Pokemon accounts on different cell phones and plans to collect all of the creatures on every phone.

Pokemon Accounts On eBay

After catching them all, Pedraza will sell her accounts on eBay, hoping to make a large profit from crazed fans of the viral game.

Other gamers have already started selling their accounts with rare characters on the auction site, ranging from $65.72 to $9,594.50, according to The Sun.

“I downloaded it immediately and realized there is money to be made,” Pedraza said.

She has a law degree and taught Math, English, and Music lessons to children, but Pedraza firmly believes that she can cash in on the viral game more so than her previous job.

“It’s a big craze at the moment and there’s money to be made, but if it slows down, I can always go back to teaching.”

Although “Pokemon Go” has become a bit too sensationalized by the media and by the gamers themselves, it’s savvy that the players are turning their free time activity into an entrepreneurship. 

Banner Image Credit: Facebook user, Sophia Pedraza


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