Stabbed Pokémon Go Fan Refuses Treatment To Continue Playing

This Oregon man was stabbed while going to a convenience store and refused to get immediate medical treatment — all for the sake of capturing Pokémons.

Pokémon Go Fan

So, it’s finally happened. A Pokémon Go addict was viciously stabbed while he was out rummaging for the virtual pocket monsters.

Michael Baker, 21, of Forest Grove, Oregon, was out to grab some beer and chips at 1 a.m. and stupidly decided it was a good time to make a detour at some Pokestops as well. As he neared the intersection between 19th Avenue and Filbert Street, he saw a man approaching him with a knife in hand — and like all Pokémon Go addicts thought it must be an invitation for a Pokemon battle, and not an actual violent assault.

"I saw him go by and asked if he was playing Pokémon Go. He was like, ‘What?’” said Baker. “I guess he wanted to battle because he came up at me with a knife.”

The man stabbed the Pokémon fan on the shoulder, leaving a large laceration that required eight stitches. A clerk at the Plaid Pantry convenience store called the police and Baker gave the officers a description of his assailant.

“He sliced me as I pushed him away with my foot, and he got my shoulder and ran off,” Baker recounted. “I was just in shock. I didn't know like he got me or anything until I got to the store and there was like blood everywhere. I don't know if he was catching any Pokémon or not, or if he just missed the Pokémon or something, but it just happened.”

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Despite the horrific incident, the die-hard fan was not willing to abandon his search for his Pokémons and waited until the next morning to seek medical treatment.

“Right after I was stabbed, I continued my mission to Plaid Pantry for my mission for chips and beer,” he said. 

“I basically risked my life,” he added. 

“That's crazy, it's just a game but people are going to get killed for it because people are obsessed and want to be the best,” said Brennen Young, a person who read about Baker’s incident.

But Baker’s friends have congratulated him on his dedication to “catch ‘em all.”

This isn’t the first incident where a Pokemon Go fan has been hurt while trying to capture Pokemons. Fans have reported broken collar bones, sliced hands, bruised shins and headaches after going at the game for hours.

A couple of days later after the game was released, a bunch of thugs lurking around popular Pokestops robbed about a dozen people playing the game.

Although, there hasn’t been a major casualty involving the game yet, if people like Baker persist in roaming deserted streets late at night with their heads in the cloud, who’s to say an accident might not occur?

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