This ‘Pokemon Go’ Stampede Is What The End Of The World Must Look Like

In a scene reminiscent of a sci-fi movie, at least a thousand people rushed to catch a Snorlax and inadvertently caused a (polite) stampede.

No, this city is not under attack nor has an alien force taken control of these humans. These people are acting of their own free will.

Although the scene in the video above bears remarkable similarity to a number of science-fiction movies (the one where people are forced to act like zombies, you know), it is simply just a mob of “Pokemon Go” players on an epic quest for Snorlax, a relatively rare Pokemon, in the streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

It is also a surreal example of just how intense the smartphone game has become in just a month and a half since its launch.

The bizarre footage, first posted on Facebook by a user in the Taiwanese capital, purportedly shows a massive crowd pushing through the intersection in a rush to catch the creature. Apparently, over a thousand players were out hunting for Snorlax when they all congregated in Xinbeitou area. They all waited together at the signal, waiting for the light to change to green before crossing the street, inadvertently starting the stampede.

However, there was no pushing or jostling. In fact, it was rather polite.

“Pokemon Go” has come under fire for causing a number of accidents over the weeks. Also, this is not the first-ever game related stampede to have taken place. Just last month a similar incident occurred in New York City’s Central Park.

Banner/thumbnail credit: Reuters 

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