Poland Is Busing In Cheering Crowds To Appease Trump's Fragile Ego

To put the president's mind at ease over being possibly met with angry protesters, Polish officials are busing in Trump supporters to greet him.

Donald Trump walks down stairs of plane with presidential seal in background.

To appease President Donald Trump's insanely fragile ego, the Polish government is reportedly busing in people who support the American president so that he is met with cheering crowds.

According to The Associated Press, Polish news is reporting that their government "promised the White House a reception of cheering crowds as part of its invitation” and is going to “bus in groups of people to hear Trump’s speech" in order to fulfill that promise.

As part of his 16-hour visit to one of the United States' only remaining fans, Trump will deliver a keynote address in Warsaw. His friends there are apparently making sure it meets the standards of the president's rallies back in the States.

While the Polish government is right-leaning and has expressed friendliness to Trump (in stark contrast with the rest of Europe), a recent Pew poll indicates that its citizens don't necessarily feel the same. The poll found that only 23 percent of Polish people were supportive of Trump's presidency thus far, compared to a significant 58 percent who approved of former President Barack Obama.

If the Polish government wants large, enthusiastic crowds to welcome Trump, they may be hard-pressed to find them.

Then again the president is used to smaller crowds.

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