Police Aggressively Pull Woman Out Of Car Over Dispute Over Her Name

Police pulled a 20-year-old woman out of her friend's car because of what appears to be a dispute over her last name. Video of the arrest has gone viral.

Video of police forcibly dragging a young woman out of the passenger seat of a vehicle has gone viral. The incident appears to be another instance of law enforcement being overly aggressive.

Samantha Alonso Luna, 20, was in the front passenger seat of a vehicle being driven by one of her friends. When another passenger stuck their head out of the sunroof of the moving vehicle, Humboldt State University police pulled them over and arrested that individual.

That arrest seems justifiable. When they began questioning Luna, however, things took a different turn.

There were implications that the police suspected the vehicle's passengers of underage drinking, but video recorded by another passenger showed Luna and a female officer arguing over her last name. As things escalated, the officer told Luna to get out of the car.

Luna refused, after which the officer dragged her out. The aggressive actions taken by the officer were caught on video, which Luna shared on her Facebook page. The video quickly made its way across social media.

Luna was charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest, and battery on an officer. She was also charged with providing false identification.

Luna, who is Latina, commented on the event in her post, denying being under the influence of alcohol at the time.

“She arrested my friend first and when I asked what information we needed to get her out this is how she reacted,” Luna wrote. “She told me I was lying about my name.”

In the video, Luna could be heard explaining to the officer that her dad “isn’t my actual dad.”

Further into her post, Luna asked, “How is it they need 4 grown male cops on ONE female who weighs less than 120 pounds. It’s time for a new system.”

She said she intends to file a lawsuit over her treatment by university police.

Humboldt State University officials are reviewing the matter.

"I have seen the video of this arrest, and I have confidence that Chief Peterson and our University Police will conduct a thorough review," University President Lisa Rossbacher said.

To be sure, police across this nation engage in admirable behavior, protecting our communities from criminal behavior on a daily basis. But the actions of officers arresting Luna seemed to have been beyond what were necessary.

Luna was speaking loudly to the police, but that doesn’t justify her being dragged out of the vehicle and being handled violently. The Humboldt State University police should be better trained on how to deal with situations like these, responding in a reasonable manner and with this type of behavior being among the last options they choose.

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