Shocking Video Shows Police Gravely Injuring Man During Arrest

Pasadena officials stated that no action will be taken against the police officers involved.

The role of police officers in an arrest in Pasadena, California, has come under scrutiny after the man being arrested ended up with a bloodied head and a broken leg.

On Friday, the city of Pasadena released six new videos of Christopher Ballew’s brutal arrest.

Ballew, a 21-year-old who was driving a white Mercedes on Nov. 9, apparently jumped a series of traffic lights, according to the police officers.

The bodycam footage showed the police following Ballew to a gas station, apprehending him as he made his way to the cashier, before bringing him back to his car. Ballew could be heard crying out in pain and asking why he was being arrested.

He then tried to struggle away from the grip of the police officers, but was hit by a baton when he reached out for it, apparently in self-defense.

All the violence reportedly started when Ballew refused to comply with police orders.

Unfortunately this isn’t where the horrific episode of police brutality ended.

Ballew was shoved forcefully to the ground and a pool of blood formed beneath his head. According to a video taken by a bystander, an officer repeatedly kicked Ballew’s leg while he was on the ground.

The 21-year-old, who is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, said he had suffered a broken leg from the altercation. He was also arrested on a $50,000 bail for “assault on a peace officer as well as several unspecified misdemeanors."

Pasadena officials said that no action will be taken against the police officers involved. However, the incident is under review, government officials in Pasadena said.

Civil rights groups like the NAACP are outraged over this incident, calling the officers’ actions “reprehensible” and “inhumane.”

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Eduardo Munoz

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