Black Man Arrested Because Police Believed Drywall Was Drugs

It is extremely disturbing to know both the K-9 and the field test were not able to differentiate between cocaine and the drywall powder.



A handyman in Oviedo, Florida, was arrested after police charged him of being in possession of cocaine. Turns out, it was actually drywall powder.

Karlos Cashe, a black man, said he was pulled over in March because his car’s headlights weren’t on. However, when the police saw a white powder in the man’s car, things took a turn for the worse.

Cashe explained to the officer that it was not drugs but drywall from his job. He also said he was not aware his headlights were off and apologized for the misunderstanding. But the cop still called for backup and a K-9, then proceeded to run a background check on him and found Cashe was on probation for marijuana and cocaine related charged from 2015.

The 57-year-old handyman also said a K-9 police dog indicated his vehicle for drugs and the officer’s field test was positive for cocaine.

“It looks like he had a gram and he crushed it up when he saw you,” one officer said to another in the video of the arrest, according to News 6.

The handyman was arrested and, because he was accused of violating probation, denied bond. After three months behind bars, the lab test finally came and confirmed what Cashe had been telling the cops all along: The powder was indeed drywall residue.

It is extremely disturbing to know both the K-9 and the field test were not able to correctly identify the powder.

“I sat there 90 days knowing I was innocent,” Cashe told WFTV9.

He also said the officers discriminated against him because he was black.

“I was profiled. It wasn't the first time, it just was just the worst of those times,” he said, adding he wanted the department to compensate him for the three months he missed from work.

“I was going to jail for something that night, and what it was they decided it would be cocaine,” Cashe added.

The handyman is calling for an internal investigation within the Oviedo Police Department.

“I don’t want this to happen to anybody else,” he explained.




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