Philly Police Arrest 12-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Carrying Loaded AR-15

A 12-year-old boy was arrested for carrying a loaded military-style rifle, along with his 19-year-old brother, who was brandishing a handgun in a dispute with neighbor.

Philadelphia police arrested two brothers for walking down a street wielding a loaded AR-15 rifle and an M&P Shield handgun, according to CBS Philly.

According to the authorities, Michael Mitchell, 19, was arguing with a neighbor on the 2200 block of Kennedy Street when he reportedly asked his 12-year-old brother to grab the AR-15 from their home.

The child, who remains unnamed, complied with his brother’s orders and was spotted walking up the street with the loaded weapon, which was legally owned by his older brother. The handgun, however, belonged to their mother and was taken from her locked gun safe without her knowing.

The police department posted a picture on Twitter of the officer, Krzyszpof Wrzesinski, who made the arrest, with the seized guns.

Wrzesinski reportedly responded to a 911 complaint about a kid carrying a gun and arrested the brothers, as they matched the caller's descriptions.

“I immediately confronted two males, one a juvenile and a second adult male,” said Wrzesinski.

The police reported both the guns were inside a vehicle, but the teen allegedly tried grabbing the rifle.

“I opened up the back door of the black Ford Taurus and he reached for the AR,” said the officer. “That’s when I yelled at him to ‘stop’ and he immediately stopped and complied.”

The 19-year-old has been charged with multiple violations — including a third-degree felony for violating the Uniform Firearms Act, criminal conspiracy, terroristic threats, corruption of a minor and reckless endangerment of another person.

The 12-year-old doesn't have a criminal record, and not charges have been announced against him yet.

The law enforcement agencies are urging parents to keep weapons out of children’s reach.

“Something simple that should’ve probably been a fist fight is now turned to guns and that obviously concerns all of us,”said Philadelphia Police Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum. 

Instances like these indicates the intensity of the current situation. The fact an assault weapon was kept handy by a teenager is just as alarming as the fact the boy summoned his 12-year-old brother amid a dispute that could have been solved using words had the weapons been not so readily available.

Moreover, it just adds to the horror to think about the outcome of this confrontation if the authorities hadn’t interrupted.

Banner/Thumbnail credits: REUTERS/Bob Strong

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