Cops Caught On Camera Assaulting Suspect After He Surrenders

A dramatic high-speed car chase, which stretched from Massachusetts to New Hampshire, ended with yet another disturbing display of police brutality.


According to a new report by CNN, two of the police officers that were involved in the violent arrest were suspended without pay.

News helicopters caught the shocking footage of the clear excessive use of force, which prompted New Hampshire State Police Director Robert Quinn to immediately relieve one of his troopers from duty without pay.

"I want the public and law enforcement personnel to know that the division of state police does not condone the unjustified use of force, and it will not be tolerated," Quinn said.

A second trooper has now been relieved of duty pending an internal hearing Friday, and could be placed on "modified assignment or suspended pending the investigation."

New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan said in a statement that the footage "raises serious concerns" and the incident is being treated "with the utmost seriousness without disparaging all of the hard-working police officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe."

The aerial footage of an hour-long police pursuit, which ended with officers arresting the suspect, has raised some serious concerns about a law enforcement agency’s use of excessive force.

Richard Simone, a 50-year-old from Massachusetts, led police on a lengthy chase that stretched from his hometown to Nashua, New Hampshire. The televised chase, which involved the Massachusetts State Police, New Hampshire State Police and Nashua Police, only ended when the suspect stopped his pick-up truck and surrendered.

The video of the incident, captured by a news channel helicopter, shows Simone raising his hands and dropping to his knees as the cops approach him with their guns drawn. However, instead of just arresting him, as the protocol would dictate, the officers jump on him, punching and kicking him relentlessly.

The questionable altercation, which is frankly just another display of police brutality, was aired on live television.

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“We will conduct a separate departmental review of the actual apprehension, as the video captured by news helicopters shows a use of force against the suspect,” the Massachusetts State Police said in a statement. “That review will investigate whether the level of force used was appropriate given the totality of the circumstances.”

Meanwhile, police in Hudson distanced themselves from the controversy by claiming they only chased the suspect’s car until he hit a utility pole near a fire station before entering Nashua.

“At that time, we ended our involvement with the pursuit,” the Hudson police clarified in a statement. “No Hudson Police Department officers were involved with the pursuit into Nashua or with the apprehension of the suspect.”

As the WHDH-TV reports, Simone was wanted on warrants for larceny, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and failure to stop. He is now facing charges relating to the pursuit as well.

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