Police Attend An Autistic Boy’s Birthday After No One Else Shows

A boy in Florida recently had a birthday party and no one came, except for local police officers.

Planning a birthday party is stressful and when not one person invited to a party RSVPs or shows up, it’s devastating.

Daniel Nicastro, an autistic boy living in North Port, Florida, turned eight years old recently and his parents planned a birthday party for their son.

On the day of Nicastro’s birthday party, things didn’t go according to plan when not one of the invited guests came to celebrate.

“No one called to say they were coming to his birthday party. Both myself and his father were heartbroken,” Carolyn Nicastro, the boy’s mother, said.

Unfortunately, the Nicastro family has experience of zero guests attending their son’s birthday parties.

For the past two years, guests failed to attend the 8-year-old’s birthday celebrations which left the boy crying and of course, upset.

The boy’s parents came up with a plan this year to change their son’s sadness into pure happiness.

autistic boy, North Port officers celebrate birthday of boy with autism

Carolyn and Dan Nicastro, the boy’s parents, decided to invite officers from the North Port police department to his 8th birthday party.

A handful of police officers ended up showing up to the boy’s party, leaving the boy beaming with happiness to see his favorite people.

“The police is my favorite characters. They save people from getting damaged or like stopping robbers robbing a bank,” 8-year-old Daniel said.

Along with attending the party, the group of officers also brought Daniel birthday presents.

“Children with challenges and such don’t need to feel left out more than they already are. So if he views us as superheroes, the least thing we can do is show up at his party and make his day,” North Port Police Sgt. Paul Neugebaur said. 

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