Austrian Police Cannot Arrest Woman Who Has Scratched 1000 Cars

Scores of civilians have fallen victim to this Austrian woman's bizarre behavior.

A woman in Austria has been going around scratching cars for six years, but apparently the police can do nothing about it.

The 35-year-old has so far scratched approximately 1,000 cars, and numbers are believed to be much higher since more and more victims are coming forward reporting their cases. However, the court has ruled that she cannot be held accountable for her actions due to her mental health.

Apparently, the woman must be reported for a crime with a punishment of at least a year in jail before they can do anything about her on legal grounds.

"As long as the legal situation stays as it is, our hands are unfortunately tied. Neither police nor the state prosecutors can do anything at this moment," said police commander Dietmar Jeglitsch.

According to reports, the woman mostly chooses black vehicles and marks them with a zig zag pattern.

It goes to show how local laws have a big influence over how the mentally ill are treated in the judicial system. 

Consider 18-year-old Mahin Khan from Arizona, who was arrested on terrorism charges after his support for the Taliban and Islamic State surfaced. The young man suffered serious mental and emotional illnesses and the FBI was aware of his condition. They had met the teen on numerous accounts, claiming to help him, but soon after he turned 18, he was taken into custody.

Khan's parents expressed outraged that their son was being criminalized despite authorities knowing that he was mentally unstable.

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