Robbed California Man Calls Police For Help — They Beat Him Up Instead

California police officers claim they attacked the man for “resisting arrest,” but the victim’s wife tells another story.

In yet another incident of police brutality, California police officers punched a man they claim was resisting arrest — the same man who called the police for help amid a robbery.

Ronald Ybarra was arrested at a Taco Bell in Yuba City. He was charged with resisting arrest and parole violations and is being held without bail.

However, Ybarra’s wife revealed another version of this story.

Video footage recorded by Ybarra’s wife, Kathi, shows a police officer repeatedly punching the 59-year-old in the face before dropping him on the ground, with his hands behind his back.

According to Kathi, her husband was cooperating with the officers. In fact, he had called them himself after enduring a robbery at the restaurant.

“He confronted him and called the police department to come because the guy had cashed his check for $5,000,” she said.

But what Ybarra got instead was police brutality. They even claimed he had a gun, which he didn’t.

Kathi told Sacramento's Channel 3 someone in the video can be heard saying, “He’s got his gun,” even though she claims her husband doesn’t own any gun. 

The video of the officer punching her husband, she said, “made me sick to my stomach. It just upset me. It clearly looked like he was the one assaulted — not the other way around.”

She also went on to say that officers were laying a false narrative.

“If he would have attacked a police officer like they’re claiming, you know, I think they would have shot him,” Kathi lamented. “And I think they would have charged him with assaulting a police officer, not just resisting arrest.”

The department is now reviewing the incident.

“I would imagine he’s going to try to file a law suit against the county. It’s time the city, someone needs to hold them accountable,” Kathi said. “This was just too much. He didn’t lose his life, but he very well could have.”

Incidents of police brutality in California are not new. In March, a cop exercised excessive force on an unarmed suspect even though he had surrendered. The cop could have easily taken the man in custody, but resorted to brutality instead. 

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