Cops Break Up High School Fight By Assaulting And Tasering A Student

The students at Jeffersontown High School near Louisville filmed the local police officers brutally tackling a teenager before proceeding to beat him.



A cafeteria fight at Jeffersontown High School near Louisville, Kentucky, ended with police officers arresting two teenage brothers after they tasered one of them.

The incident, caught on camera by fellow students, escalated when a school resource officer intervened to break up a fight between two students over headphones. When the school officials were unable to get the situation under control, they called the local law enforcement for backup.

The footage, initially posted on social media by a student, shows three officers tackling a student, identified as Rajae Tinker, and beating him as he lay on the ground. A cop then deployed his stun gun at the teenager before arresting him and his brother, Roghae Tinker, who reportedly intervened and tried to push off an officer.

“He just grabbed me by my neck and threw me to the ground and hit my face,” recalled Rajae, a freshman at the school.

The boy’s mother, Quinnita Dobson, slammed the cops for using excessive force against her son.

“There’s no reason why they should be kicking him and kneeing him and tase him while he is already on the ground,” she continued. “It’s three big police officers.”



However, the police department said they have a video that shows the brothers assaulting one of the officers.

“I saw my officer attacked, hit in the head,” Jeffersontown Police Chief Ken Hatmaker told WDRB. “This was a quick and appropriate response by police to gain control of the situation. My officers were outnumbered. I want the whole story out there.”

Daniel Kemp, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Public Schools, also released a statement to clarify their position.

“Around 1 p.m., Jeffersontown High’s school resource officer (SRO) intervened in a fight between two students in the cafeteria. One of those students attempted to fight the SRO, which prompted him to request assistance from Jeffersontown Police,” the statement read. “As the SRO led the student out of school, the student’s brother, accompanied by several other students, then escalated a fight with another police officer — resulting in that officer deploying a Taser on the student. School leaders are in the process of reviewing school security footage to determine every student involved in this afternoon’s incident, and those students will be disciplined according to JCPS policies.”

Meanwhile, both students are facing suspension from school along with multiple charges.

While the teenagers’ actions are definitely not justifiable, the question remains, why did the school involve local police to break up a fight between two students?

More importantly, was it really necessary for the officers to brutally beat and then taser one of the brothers — especially when he was already on the ground?



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