Police Have Killed A Record Number Of People So Far In 2017

United States law enforcement officers have killed nearly 800 people already in 2017, and there are still four months left with no end to police brutality in sight.

Activists protest against police brutality with hand drawn portraits of shooting victims

Despite the many anti-police brutality efforts of Black Lives Matter and other social justice crusaders, police killings are only becoming more prevalent.

So far in 2017, police have killed 746 people in the United States, according to Killed By Police data obtained by Mint Press News. With four more months still left, this year is reportedly on track to become the deadliest year on record.

Comparatively, in the first seven months of 2016, police killed 714 people, which was actually down from 725 in 2015. However, the amount of people killed by police in the last two years around the same time increased significantly from 2014 which had 663 and just 353 in 2013.

Although people of color have been most often targeted with mistreatment by police, the tables were turned in the highly publicized shooting of Justine Damond — a 40-year-old white Australian woman living in Minneapolis — who was killed after she called 911 to report a neighborhood disturbance.

Following her death, race relations became even more strained as much of America became outraged by that incident. However they have repeatedly turned a blind eye each time a person of color was wrongfully killed by law enforcement.

And even with this troubling data circulating, and the devastating effects police brutality has on our society, our own President Donald Trump expressed support for cops who are "rough" on suspects.  

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, SHANNON STAPLETON

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