Police Helicopter Video Catches Erratic Driver Searching For Pokemon

Police caught an unknown driver through video, scoping out Pokemon creatures to catch within a residential neighborhood in York, Canada.

Stalking a neighborhood is the latest thing Pokemon players will do to “catch them all.”

A police helicopter video that captured a suspicious driver going around a residential neighborhood discovered that the unknown man was playing the addictive "Pokemon Go" game, Mirror reported.

Canadian police officers initially thought that the driver was under the influence or was making an attempt to rob the homes in the neighborhood, but later discovered that wasn’t the case after the police pulled him over and he told them that he was playing "Pokemon Go."  

The video shows one officer saying, “Hopefully he got all his Pokemons,” and the officer letting the driver go with a “stern warning.”

Whether it’s falling off of a cliff or invading a neighborhood to play the viral game, "Pokemon Go" players need to establish boundaries while catching the Pokemon creatures. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, jim young

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