Police Holds Black Actor For 7 Hours After Mistaking Him For A Burglar

“Have you ever had someone’s knee in your neck on the concrete? That is the most excruciating pain ever,” said the actor.



An African-American actor became a victim of racism after police officers mistook  him for a burglar before  wrongfully arresting him in Los Angeles, California.

Darris Love, 38, went to Glendale Galleria with his girlfriend Ayesha Dumas. As the two finished the trip and got into their car, the actor realized they hadn’t gotten their parking ticket validated. He then got out of the car and once again got into the mall to get the ticket validated.

That was when police officers drew guns at him, got hold of him and pinned him to the ground.

"We were just shopping, just doing what normal people do in the mall. If you do anything wrong — breathe wrong, look wrong — you could be dead,” said Love.

Police was looking for a burglar crew after cops engaged in a police chase with three burglar suspects. During the chase, the suspects drove into the mall’s parking lot and ran inside it. Police followed them but was unable to arrest them and ended up wrongfully arresting Love.

“Have you ever had someone’s knee in your neck on the concrete? That is the most excruciating pain ever,” Love said.

After the arrest, Love was placed in a squad car where an officer kept asking him to confess. However, Love tried to explain his stance and kept telling him that it was all a misunderstanding. He also showed his validation ticket to prove his innocence.

On the other hand, Police reached out to Dumas’ car and ordered her to come out of the vehicle. They then searched the entire car and pulled out the air-conditioning unit.

The actor was released after seven hours once police officers reviewed surveillance footage from the scene and realized Love’s story was correct.

“Police failed to do any number of things they could have done to quickly resolve this issue to determine he was not a suspect. We feel [Love] was just randomly picked out and racially profiled by Glendale police,” said his attorney, James Bryant.

A spokesman of the Glendale Police Department said, “Darris Love was detained by Glendale police at the mall and turned over to the LAPD after he was mistakenly identified by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department as the possible suspect. He was in LAPD’s custody for less than three hours and was released after it was determined he was not the suspect.”

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