Police Watch 15-Year-Old Die After Shooting Him

“The callous disregard that Bridgeport police officers showed for Jayson Negron during his last moments of life is unacceptable.”

Police in Connecticut reportedly shot a 15-year-old boy and left him handcuffed as he bled to death on the street in Bridgeport.

On May 9, Jayson Negron, who was accused of car theft, was fatally shot by police after he allegedly rammed his car into a police officer. He was pronounced dead by the police at the scene. His friend, Julian Fyffe, who was traveling with him, was also shot but he survived. 

Now, a video emerged online shows Negron was moving after he was shot by the officer. The video also shows that officers left the body uncovered in the street for hours.

Family of the deceased boy say the video proves cops lied about the incident.


Police confirmed the video posted online by Giovanni Rivera, who says he is the cousin of Negron. The video shows the boy handcuffed, lying on the ground after being shot. He doesn’t appear to move at first. However, when the camera turns away and returns again on the boy, his head is seen facing the other direction. 

“They left my baby cousin on the ground to die. If that crucial part of the story is a lie, everything else is up for question,” said Rivera.

However, it remains unknown how he obtained the video.

In their defense, the police said they left the boy’s handcuffed body in the street for several hours for “evidence gathering reasons.” Bridgeport Police Chief Armando Perez said he was told he wasn't allowed to cover the body with a sheet in case it disrupted the crime scene but later learned that the body could have been covered.

Bridgeport Officer James Boulay, 30, shot Negron and he has now been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

David McGuire, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union, said, “The callous disregard that Bridgeport police officers showed for Jayson Negron during his last moments of life is unacceptable. Their behavior was outside the realms of human decency and democracy.”

Lawyer Michael Stratton, who represents the Fyffe family said, “Police cannot declare someone dead at the scene. You need a doctor or medical examiner. [Police] have no legal right or expertise; nonetheless that’s what happened here. They not only declared him dead, they made sure he was dead by not getting him medical care as he lay handcuffed on the ground.”


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