Police Laugh While Beating And Using Pepper Spray On Unarmed Pastor

A dash cam video shows two police officers not only using excessive force on an unarmed pastor, but laughing about it throughout the ordeal.

Rev. Catherine Brown pulled into her driveway with her two small children in the backseat of her car. As she made a turn around a bend, she realized there was a cop car with no lights that was speeding towards her.

“It’s a blessing I did blow my horn,” Brown told CBS Chicago, adding that she thought the police car could have hit her.

She immediately stepped on the brakes, but not before an officer got out of the car and began yelling and screaming profanities at her.

“It startled me,” Brown says. “I reached for my license … The other officer takes the gun and points it at the front of my head.”

Georgia Brown, then just 8 years old, believed that their lives were in danger. “They might shoot us and kill us,” she says.

Intimidated and confused, Brown dialed 911 and put her car into reverse, speeding back out the driveway, hoping to get some help from neighbors.

Officer Michelle Morsi Murphy and Officer Jose Lopez followed her in what appears to be a serious case of road rage, slamming into her car then forcing her out of the car.

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Brown screams for help as Officer Murphy is seen pepper spraying her in front of her children—allegedly hitting Brown’s infant daughter in the face, as well.

Officer Lopez is seen turning toward the dash cam to openly laugh about the events.

Officer Murphy then proceeds to get on top of a parked car and points her gun at Brown. Officer Lopez then begins beating Brown’s car with a metal wand. Brown is then taken down hard, where she claims the nightmare really began.

Brown says “[they] beat me down to my underwear, pulled my skirt off me. They beat me with the sticks and hit me with their boots in my head.”

“I got treated like an animal,” she said.

Brown’s attorney, Ed Fox, said, “She was scared to death.”

Fox also pointed out to CBS Chicago that Murphy has 19 complaints against her, while Lopez has 21.

“When you have that many complaints, it should alert the police department something’s wrong,” Fox says.

After the 2013 ordeal, Brown was originally charged with attempted murder because Officer Murphy claimed that Brown dragged her—those charges were soon dropped but she was convicted of reckless conduct, a misdemeanor, for driving in reverse. 

She is appealing the conviction and suing the Chicago Police Department for an undisclosed amount of money for excessive use of force. Brown and her lawyer hope that the new dash cam footage will help her case and bring the officer's true actions to light.

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