Video Shows White Cop Pinning 10-Year-Old Black Child To The Ground

Disturbing video shows two white police officers restraining a black boy. One of them pins him down on the ground and twists his arm.


Athens-Clarke County Police Department is investigating a video that shows two white cops restraining an African- American boy who is just 10-year-old.

In the video, the cops can be seen pinning the boy, identified as Eric, on the ground and twisting his arm. The shirtless boy, who was pushed down on the grass and was naturally threatened by cops’ actions, can be heard saying “I’m sorry.”

Then the officers said something to him that is inaudible in the video, to which Eric responded “Yes sir.” One of the cops was holding handcuffs while tackling the boy.

After torturing the boy and getting his apology, they let him go.

Eric’s cousin, named Ariel Collins, can be heard screaming at the cops to get off the boy’s back. She was naturally infuriated with the cops who were busy traumatizing the kid for the rest of his life.

“He is a child,” she yelled.

But then one of the cop said, “He tried attacking my officer.”

Yes, that’s what he said – a child was attacking a cop who was armed, so they got so scared they restrained the child. According to the both the officers, all they were trying to do was to deescalate the situation.

“Once in custody, the suspect’s 10-year-old child became extremely emotionally distraught. On more than one occasion, the other adults on scene attempted to restrain the child without success,” read the press release from the law enforcement agency and the body cam footage supports their version.

“As an officer was walking the suspect to his patrol car, the child attempted to block his path and again had to be removed and restrained by the adult family members.”

According to Collin, the boy was only trying to talk with his father who was sitting in the police squad car after being arrested. Earlier, in the footage the cops can be seen slamming the boy against a car – after he lunged on one of the officers.

According to the law enforcement agency’s statement, the boy leaped on one of the officers as his father was being placed in the patrol car. They caught him “mid-air and the momentum of the child launching himself caused the both of them to land on the patrol car.” 

However, as soon as the video started making rounds on the internet, the Athens-Clarke County Police Chief Scott Freeman ordered internal affairs to investigate the matter, according to a statement by police.

Eric’s father was reportedly arrested on a domestic abuse report.

Eric was already emotionally distraught seeing his father getting arrested and handling a child the way the unnamed cops did only disturbed him further.

In the past, cops have been called on scenes where white people have done worse. But they never treat them the way they treat most people of color.  Police officers kill black people simply on the basis of suspicion, hence Collin’s reaction was justified.

Eric was not arrested.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Mike Stone

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