Police Officer Accidentally Shoots One Of His Own

Recently released body camera footage depicts a police officer shooting an undercover cop during a drug bust and realizing his critical mistake.

Newly released body camera footage shows a police officer inadvertently shooting and injuring an undercover cop, after firing his gun eight times.

The video captures Albuquerque Police Lt. Greg Brachle realizing he mistakenly shot fellow officer Det. Jacob Grant during a Jan. 2015 drug bust.

“I’m sorry man, I didn’t know it was you,” Brachle yelled. “Jacob, man, hang in there, bro. I thought you were a bad guy.”

The crucial error stems from Brachle having not attended a briefing before the bust, and thereby not knowing Grant wouldn’t be in uniform. In the aftermath of the horrific incident, attendance has now been made mandatory for all briefings.

The video shows Brachle walking towards a vehicle and immediately firing when the door opens.

The city recently settled a lawsuit with Grant for $6.5 million. The officer is still recovering from his injuries and has undergone multiple surgeries. 

The Police Oversight Agency called for Brachle to be fired, but he retired before any action was made.

The footage demonstrates the carelessness with which cops handle their weapons, and notably encapsulates how necessary it is for officers to receive better gun safety training.

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