PA Officer Body Slams High School Student, Dislocates His Tooth

Ironically, the police officer wasn’t the only one body slamming the student – the school’s principal was also involved in the brutal assault.

In yet another disturbing case of police brutality, a police officer from Churchill Police Department in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was caught on video ambushing a 14-year-old for no good reason.

CCTV footage showed Officer Steve Shaulis body slamming Que’Chawn Wade, who was just sitting on his chair. Shaulis forcefully held his hands, tied them back and then pushed the young boy to the floor, punching him repeatedly and dislocating his tooth.

The horrific incident took place at Woodland Hill School when Wade was called to the principal’s office to answer some questions about a missing phone. After Wade said he didn’t have any clue about it, he walked down the hallway. That’s when Shalis allegedly called him a “f*****.” 

Ironically, Shaulis wasn’t the only one involved in the assault. The second man who joined him to beat Wade was the school’s principal, Kevin Murray.

According to Wade’s attorney Todd Hollis, Shaulis insulted Wade with a derogatory term for homosexuals, dragged him back inside and punched him. He also revealed that Wade wasn’t the only one to be manhandled by authorities in the last few years at the Pittsburgh high school.

“Four kids have been injured as a result of some conduct by one or more administrators at the high school,” Hollis said at a press conference, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Since when did a principal become involved in effectuating an arrest while a kid got Tased three times?” he asked. “And if this happened to any one of your children, how would you take it? How would you respond?”

The local attorney also provided a pair of videos, one of them showed Shaulis dragging Wade into a school office before he punched Wade hard enough (off-camera) to dislocate a tooth. Another video, dated March 2015, showed another student being put in a headlock by the monstrous officer before getting pushed to the ground.

“If a picture speaks a thousand words… a video has to speak a million,” said Hollis.

Murray and Shaulis have a history of violence. They had also slammed another student, identified as Ahmed William last year, in a similar manner.

However, an attorney for both Shaulis and Murray did not acknowledge the most recent video. 

“Principal Murray has nothing but love and respect for the over 10,000 children he has see go through Woodland Hill School District doors and become a product member of our society, however he will not tolerate misbehavior,” he stated. “Officer Shaulis has and will continue to protect and serve the school district and the community.” 

Sadly, the school doesn’t seem concerned about the brutalities taking place in its premises.

Woodland Hills Superintendent Alan Johnson said  the injury the student sustained was “unfortunate,” though he insisted that “this was an isolated incident.”

He claimed the two videos were “a couple of isolated incidents” that Hollis was “turning ... into a pattern that does not exist.”

“It is not an abusive school,” he added. “We are proud of the things we do.”

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