Police Officer Jumps Off 30-Foot Bridge To Save Child Who Did The Same

A New York police officer saw a 12-year-old boy jump off a bridge onto the concrete ground below. Without hesitation, she got out of her car and followed him.

A Hastings-on-Hudson police officer jumped off a 30-foot bridge to help a boy who had done the same on Friday afternoon.

Jessie Ferreira Cavallo witnessed the boy make the jump while on her way in to work for the day. The 12-year-old boy was running from a private school for at-risk and mentally vulnerable children. 

For an as-yet unknown reason, the boy jumped off the bridge after he had run away from his school's campus. Thinking quickly, Ferreira Cavallo grabbed first aid items from her vehicle, ran over to the bridge, and jumped down to the unresponsive boy on the concrete below.

Two other individuals helped Ferreira Cavallo: an unnamed woman who was wearing military apparel, and another police officer from Yonkers, Laura Yakaboski.

Upon reaching the group, Ferreira Cavallo put the boy into a neck brace and waited for emergency personnel to come rescue him. Although he was unresponsive when she reached him, the boy, now in the hospital, is expected to make a full recovery.

Still, Ferreira Cavallo said her thoughts remain with him.

“I just hope that he's doing well. I just want to give him a hug,” she said days after the incident.

While attention is often given to officers who behave badly, these acts of amazing heroics and others like them must be noted as well. There are many great officers whose actions too frequently go unnoticed. 

Because of officers like Ferreira Cavallo, citizens are saved and kept safe in neighborhoods across the country every day. We should commemorate those individuals whenever these moments happen.

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Giacomo Barbaro/Flickr

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