Officer Allegedly Killed An Unarmed Man, Police Dog Attacked Victim

A Mississippi police officer is under fire for allegedly killing an unarmed man who fled from him and hid underneath a nearby house for unknown reasons.

A police officer in Mississippi is being investigated after he allegedly shot and killed an unarmed man who ran away from him.

Tyler Cook, the Tupelo officer, also allowed a police dog to attack the man, leaving him severely injured, according to Think Progress.

The victim has been identified as Antwun “Ronnie” Shumpert, who was behind the wheel of his friend’s vehicle when he was stopped by Cook.

Shumpert decided to leave his car and run away from Cook for unknown reasons.

Cook ordered his K-9 police dog to locate Shumpert, who was found hiding underneath a home close by.

The dog proceeded to attack Shumpert, lacerating his privates and injuring his body.

Cook then approached Shumpert and allegedly shot him four times. He was pronounced dead five hours later at North Mississippi Medical Center.

Carlos Moore, attorney for the Shumpert family, said, “My investigation has revealed that black lives, in fact, do not matter in Tupelo.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into the incident and will examine Shumpert’s death. 

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