Cop Who Killed Antwon Rose Has Disturbing History Of Abuse Of Power

A new lawsuit accuses officer Michael Rosfeld of “willful police misconduct” while he was on duty in his previous job. This raises questions about his re-hiring.


East Pittsburgh police officer Michael Rosfeld’s was charged with criminal homicide for killing Antwon Rose – a 17-year-old unarmed black teenager.

Now, two men have filed a new lawsuit against the officer, alleging him of “willful police misconduct” while on his previous job, raising an important question of how the officer “was able to still be a cop.”

Timothy Riley and Jacob Schilling filed a lawsuit against Rosfeld detailing that he had violated their civil rights in December without any reason. He lied and as a result got suspended.

The incident took place at a campus bar called the Garage Door Saloon. At that time, Rosfeld was a police officer for the University Of Pittsburgh Police Department for over five months. 

Riley and Schilling were celebrating at the bar along with two other men when the bar owner “forcefully removed” them, according to the lawsuit.

That is when the men approached a nearby police officer and Rosfeld responded. As soon as he arrived at the bar, he arrested the men without any reason. Later, he reported the men got in an altercation which is why they had to be removed. Rosfeld’s report also accused one of the men of breaking a glass door at the bar and of assaulting an employee.

None of this happened.

But Rosfel fabricated the story and said that everything was recorded in the CCTV footage.

The four men had to stay a night in jail, because of the police officer’s fake story.

Later, Allegheny County DA’s Office dismissed the charges against the men and concluded the surveillance footage “did not support” and “contradicted” Rosfeld’s reports.

According to the lawsuit, Rosfeld was the bar owner’s friend and had a “financial, personal, and or business relationship” with him. He was suspended and later fired by the university police department.

However, the officer, despite being suspended for violating civil rights was back on his job within a few months. This time he was hired by the East Pittsburgh Police Department and was officially sworn in as a police officer just a few hours before he killed Rose.

“It makes me sick that he was able to still be a cop after how they treated us,” Riley, one of the plaintiffs in the civil suit, told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

An attorney representing Rose’s family, Lee Merritt, said Rosfeld should never have been hired by the East Pittsburgh Police Department in May because of what he did in December.

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Allegheny County District Attorney/Handout via REUTERS

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