White Cop Punches, Knees Asian Man During Routine Traffic Stop

Within moments, a routine traffic stop turned into a nightmare situation for one driver in Minnesota. The ACLU has called for an investigation into what it called a “brutal attack.”

The American Civil Liberties Union released dashcam footage showing a Minnesota police officer violently arresting a Asian man after a traffic stop last year.

In the video, an officer, identified as Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force Agent Joe Joswiak, can be seen approaching then 21-year-old Anthony Promvongsa’s vehicle with his gun drawn.

Joswiak can also be heard shouting expletives at Promvongsa.

“Get the fuck out of the car, motherfucker!” Joswiak yells in the video. “Show me your fucking hands!”

Within seconds, Joswiak opens the driver-side door and tries to pull Promvongsa, who appears to be buckled in his seat. The officer then begins kneeing and punching the driver, before throwing him on the pavement and putting handcuffs on him.

Promvongsa now faces charges including “two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon (his motor vehicle), one count of fleeing an officer in a motor vehicle, possession of a small amount of marijuana, and driving after revocation.”

Even though it’s not yet clear what happened before the dashcam started recording, the ACLU says the cop used excessive force against Promvongsa and didn’t give him enough time to obey orders.

“The police have charged Anthony with various offenses, the most serious being fleeing in a motor vehicle and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon — his car,” reads a statement from the organization. “But let’s make this very clear. No matter what happened before the dashcam video began rolling, Anthony did not deserve to be abused by the police in this way. Agent Joswiak claims Anthony refused his order to leave his car, but the video contradicts this assertion.”

Promvongsa is currently awaiting a trial date.

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