Norway Knows Migrants Are Being Abused But Won’t Do Anything About It

The struggles of being an unaccompanied migrant child go way beyond missing home and your family – it also involves getting abused and assaulted.

Norwegian police admit that “well known sexual offenders” have become regular visitors to the country’s migrant centers. However, nothing is being done about it.

Intelligence officials have said that victims, who are mostly unaccompanied minors, might be too scared to come forward and report the cases, which is why, even though instances of sexual abuse are taking place on a regular basis, no one is reporting them.

Moreover, Norway's National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) also added that some migrants living in the centers were assaulting others.

“We have seen that well-known sexual offenders frequent the centers for unaccompanied minors and there have also been reports of abuse,” Kripos spokesman Eivind Borge told The Local.

“Cases could be hidden because of the experiences many of the asylum seekers might have had with police and authorities in other countries,” authorities added.

The sad fact is even though authorities and security officials are aware of what is happening in the migrant centers, nothing is being done to solve the issue. A lack of supervision and security here is evident, because if someone monitored the site, sex offenders would not be able to lay their hands on the helpless young asylum-seekers who have already lived through horrors no one should ever witness in their entire lifetime.

Also, ironically, anything that goes wrong in countries with migrants is blamed on the migrants themselves, but when these people are the ones being assaulted or harmed, no one appears to be concerned.

Migrants have already been through more than they should deal with, and having to encounter problems like these is just disappointing. One hopes that authorities will take things into control and monitor the happenings of these migrant centers.

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