Viral Video Shows Police Abusing Disabled Woman For Parking Illegally

A woman in France with health issues was violently manhandled after police accused her of parking illegally. The video has since gone viral.

French police agents standing in line.

A woman in Menton, France, was abused on May 30 after local law enforcement said she had parked in a handicapped spot illegally.

The woman, who was identified only as Vanessa by AJ+, was seen in a viral video struggling as officers violently handled her, twisted her arm, and pushed her against the car’s hood and then the ground. The person filming the altercation at some point yelled, “come on, f***, no, she’s sick!”

In another moment, the person insisted to the agents, “stop, she has health issues.”

The police defended their actions by saying that officers had to call for backup after the woman threatened them and that Vanessa injured one of the officers, who had to wear a neck brace for six days.

After the second group of cops arrived, the police told news organizations, the woman continued to threaten officers. They added she even tried to bite them.

In a video, the woman addressed the accusation, saying she didn’t hurt anyone and that instead, it was the officer who hit her.

According to the city, the woman did not have a government-issued permit to park in the spot. However, Vanessa said she does have a disability and that she had been fasting that day for medical tests. She had gone to the store to buy something sweet when the officers showed up. Medical records indicating she does have health issues were produced, but officers won't change their tune.

Mayor Jean-Claude Guibal also said he was on the side of the officers, and that this incident has prompted many people to threaten and insult agents involved. The city added that Vanessa's family did not make any formal complaints.

Vanessa said that the female cop who was reportedly hit and injured actually threatened her, saying she would have killed her if she wasn’t wearing her uniform, AJ+ reports.

On Twitter, many users were horrified at the scene, especially because the altercation exposed Vanessa, whose dress was lifted as officers attacked her.

Translation: Treating a woman in this way is simply unworthy!!!

Instead of treating her like a criminal, officers and local government officials should have recognized Vanessa's medical condition and respected her needs. 

Incidents like this show that the police problem we have in the United States may not be limited to this country.

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