Police Say Knife Found At O.J.’s Estate May Be Bogus

LAPD spokesman Andrew Neiman is now saying that story of the knife found at O.J.’s estate could be “bogus from the get-go.”

LAPD spokesman Andrew Neiman said the knife was turned over in the last month by a retired police officer who said he obtained it from someone working on a construction site at the property.

Neiman said the knife would be tested for DNA evidence, but added it was possible that "the whole story is bogus from the get-go." Neiman declined to name the retired police officer or to say why the knife had only come to light last month.

Simpson's ex-wife and Goldman were stabbed multiple times in the neck and head but the murder weapon was never found at the time of the nine-month trial that ended in 1995 with Simpson's acquittal.

Simpson cannot be prosecuted again for the two murders because that would constitute double jeopardy.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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