Hungry Thief Breaks Into Restaurant To Steal Chicken And Biscuits

The police are on the lookout for a hungry robber who jumped over the counter of a Bronx restaurant to steal some food.


Police are on a lookout for a thief who was caught on camera stealing chicken and a tray full of biscuits to suffice his appetite. And it’s not like he stole his meal when no one was around.

The poultry snatcher jumped over the counter of a Texas Chicken and Burger in the Bronx's Mott Haven neighborhood late at night and swiped the food within seconds while customers and staff were present in the restaurant.        

He then walked out of the store, after successfully tossing golden fried chicken and scrumptious biscuits in his bag, like nothing happened. The apparently starving thief can also be seen in the video pushing away an employee who tried stopping him.

This heist could qualify as the world’s easiest and probably cheapest theft.  

Police released the footage of the fried food heist, hoping to catch the thief. According to police, the food lifter has long braids; he was wearing a black and pink shirt, blue jeans and blue sneakers. He also had a white towel or shirt wrapped over his head.

Last year, a similarly swift thief was caught on video stealing a bucket full of gold flakes in nearly 20 seconds. Surveillance video showed a man walk by an armored truck in New York, he suddenly stops after discovering that the vehicle was left unattended. Within seconds, he walked towards the truck and picked up an aluminum pail full of gold flakes that was reportedly worth $1.6 million.

He was arrested later and it turned out that the thief had a career of crimes; he had been arrested seven times earlier to the gold theft and deported four times.

However, the police are yet to find this hungry suspect. People with any kind of information about the man are encouraged to call the NYPD's crime stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Creative Commons/Biswarup Ganguly

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