Parents Who Called 911 Didn’t Expect Police To Kill Their Daughter

After numerous cases of cops shooting down people for no apparent reason, officers once again gun down someone needed their help.

Melissa Boarts, 36, was suffering from manic depression and had resorted to self-harm when she disappeared in her car on Sunday, driving down Interstate 85, toward Auburn, Alabama.

Speaking to the Montgomery Advertiser, Boarts' twin said she tracked her sister's activities via GPS, but soon lost track of her SUV.

Afraid of their daughter harming herself, Boarts’ parents called 911 for help, hoping they would be able to track her down and bring her back.

Auburn police chased down Boarts and finally managed to stop her on Red Creek Road in Macon County. However, things did not work out as planned, and instead of helping her, the police did something absolutely horrible — they put bullets in her. The cops claimed the woman threatened them with a weapon and charged toward them, leaving them with no other option but to open fire.

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Soon, the scene was crowded with ambulances, police vehicles and a helicopter while the family was informed that there had been a “fatality.” They were never informed she had been shot.

The family’s attorney, Julian McPhillips, told The Washington Post that although Boarts’ parents believe she may have had a pocketknife, they were sure she did not possess a gun. They are therefore arguing that shooting her was “totally unjustified.”

Whatever the case may be, that the fact remains that shooting people point blank is absolutely wrong. There has to be a line drawn somewhere when the police will control their use of guns, unless a legitimately threatening first move is made by the opposite party. Shooting down a woman threatening to inflict self-harm is just unacceptable, especially when police were brought in to help and bring her back to the family.

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