Police Union's Tweet Invokes Mass Shooting On College Campus

After an erroneous article was published about Brooklyn College students wanting officers banned from campus, the police union clapped back in the worst way.

A union representing New York cops actually encouraged a mass shooting at Brooklyn College because they mistakenly believed students didn’t want its officers on campus.

According to Raw Story, the New York Post published an erroneous report claiming that students at Brooklyn College wanted cops banned from campus.

When the Sergeants Benevolent Association (SBA) caught wind of the misreported story, they tweeted in response: “Another anti police campus with no common sense. Active shooters, acts of terrorism on campuses and now remove the police. Maybe it’s time people get what they ask for,” along with a link to the New York Post article.

However, the issue that the story really addresses is a group of students’ complaints about officers using campus bathrooms, according to Law & Crime. The students were circulating a petition calling for a ban against them using the facilities, citing the fact that cops make many students feel uneasy. However, there are no requests for law enforcement to be barred from the campus entirely.

In any event, the SBA’s response was inappropriate and unprofessional. Their job is to protect the communities they serve, regardless of who likes them and who doesn’t. Invoking harm and terror with a thoughtless and reckless tweet of that nature was not the proper way to react.

Clearly, the SBA can't handle a little criticism of the officers it represents without throwing a Twitter tantrum

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